Welcome to The Yellow Ham

The Yellow Ham is a website specializing in all types of written humor from folks who'd give stand-up comedy a try if they were less scared of hotel bedspreads. Or of being laughed at instead of with. People you might also refer to as "stay-at-home comedians" or "yellow hams." The Yellow Ham publishes all kinds of humor, from the lowbrow, the highbrow, and the unibrow to the dark, the blue, and the dark blue.

We are currently on submission hiatus, but here are our previous contributors:

Elizabeth Bastos     

Anita Bier     

Isaac Blum     

Lawrence D. Blum     

Meredith Bland     

Rich Boucher     

Walter T. Bowne     

Matthew David Brozik     

Dan Burt     

Clara Campoli     

Marisa Carroll     

Erik Cofer     

Whitney Collins     

David Crawford    

Chance Dagger     

Monique Dauphin     

Lauren Davenport     

Larry O. Dean     

Jacqueline Delibes     

Ultima Deplete     

Peter DiChellis     

Alena Dillon     

Erin Donovan     

JD DuPuy     

Janet Golden     

Alan D. Harris     

Haley Hemen     

Kathryn A. Higgins     

Patrick Hueller     

A.J. Huffman     

Dan Indante     

Leah Kaminsky     

Zach Kessler     

Kristen Lange     

Robert Levin     

Liz Lowe     

Lance Manion     

Beth Moorman     

Ross Murray     

Al Ortolani     

Tarja Parssinen     

Mark Peters     

Robert E. Petras     

ML Philpott     

Jenni Phomsithi     

Larry Pinck     

Meg Pokrass     

Bill Prindle     

Leah Prinzivalli     

Amy Rodriguez     

Wayne Scheer     

Molly Schoemann     

Nikki Schulak     

Ragna Smits     

Daniel Smolinsky     

Amy Vansant     

Roz Warren